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Pharma Distributors In Maharashtra

Pharma Distributors in Maharashtra- Health indicators show that the healthcare system in Maharashtra is relatively better than most of the states of India. Maharashtra has over 363 rural government hospitals, 23 district hospitals with more than 7,500 beds, 4 general hospitals with over 700 beds most of them under the Maharashtra Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and 380 private medical establishments.

These establishments provide the state with more than 30,000 hospital beds. This provides a great opportunity for the Pharma Distributors in Maharashtra and provides them a wide market for their Pharma Distribution business. The scope for Pharma Distribution Company is very well, so you can easily find one of the best Pharma Distributors in Maharashtra.

List of Top Pharma Distributors in Maharashtra

If you are looking for a Pharma Distribution Company for your Pharma Manufacturing Company, then this is the right place for you. We have made a list of top Pharma Distribution Companies in Maharashtra that you can choose from. Keep your preferences and needs in mind before selecting the right Distribution Company.

Lifevision India

Established in the year 2010, Lifevision India is one of the leading Distributors of Pharma medicines and drugs. Lifevision is a globally awarded Pharma Distribution Company based in India. Our consistency and discipline have made us one of the best in our field. Incepted for the noble cause of providing good health to all, we have made a remarkable impression on our clients as well as our competitors in the Industry.

Unlike other Pharma companies, our main goal is not to earn profits but to provide cheap healthcare facilities to our clients and everyone in India. We use the best Technology and top distribution facilities for the distribution of our Pharma products. We also have a separate Research and Development facility for our medical professionals to test and develop the best quality medicines and drugs.

The Pharma Products that we distribute are first tested by our medical professionals to ensure the best quality and no side effects of the drugs and medicines. We never distribute products that do not pass the quality check. We, at lifevision India also make sure that the products are stored in a clean and hygienic environment so there is no contamination caused due to poor storage.

The wide range of Pharma products include

 Ointment, Spray, cosmetics, Drops, Dusting Powder, Syrup, etc. All these products are packaged with the best quality of material, so no breaches occur during the transportation and delivery of the products.

 Shivam Pharma-Chemicals

Shivam Pharma has established itself as one of the leading Indenting Agents in Mumbai. They have divided their company into two divisions to make the distribution of products effective and efficient-

  1. Bulk Pharmaceuticals & Intermediates.
  2. Organic / Inorganic / Speciality Chemicals & Allied Products.

They provide special attention to each and every client, no matter what the size or complexity. We work for exceeding our customer satisfaction in terms of quality, cost, and efficiency.

Mediglobal Supplier

Established in the year 2008, Mediglobe is one of the fastest-growing organizations. They collect high-quality pharma products that are WHO, GMP, and ISO Certified drugs from the top Pharma Manufacturers. Their aim is to provide the best quality service to not only their customers but also to the business associates. Their range of Pharma Products includes Sex Medicine, Antacid Medicines, Anti Allergic Medicines, Anti Asthma inhalers, Antibiotic Tablets, Anti Cancer Tablets, Anti Depression Tablets, Anti Viral Tablets, Eyes Care Drops, Pain Relief Tablets, and Candid-B Cream. 

Tapadiya Distributors

Since its inception in 1985, Tapadiya provides services to more than 100 companies of stake and repute in the Pharmaceutical world. Their main objectives are to provide-

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Strong Financial Support
  • Warehousing Solutions
  • Back Office Operations
  • Market Intelligence and Rapport with all institutions

 Arihant Medical

Their firm started in the year 1992. They have a total of 62 suburban companies. They provide their clients with the best quality pharma products after doing full quality checks and tests of their supplier’s products. Arihant Medical Company believes in providing full customer satisfaction through its distribution services.

Shree Sai Pharma

Ever since its inception, Sai Pharma has had the vision to develop the pharmaceutical industry through growth, high performance, and setting industry standards. Their experienced and enthusiastic staff has enabled them to leave a mark in this industry. High-quality  Pharma products made of the best quality ingredients, and APIs help us to cater to diversifying customer and market demands


If you are a pharma manufacturer looking for a distributor for your products then you can choose one of the above-listed companies, which suits your needs the best. These companies are ready to cater to your pharma distribution needs in Mumbai. All the best for finding the right Pharma Distribution Company for your Business.