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Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company in Aurangabad

Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company in Aurangabad- Aurangabad is the fifth-most populated urban area in Maharashtra with a population of 1,175,116.  The healthcare system is also not very advanced in Aurangabad, this provides a perfect opportunity for the Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Aurangabad to grow their Pharma business.

 List of Top Third Party manufacturing companies in Aurangabad

Here are the top Pharma Manufacturing Companies for your business’ Pharma product needs in Aurangabad.

Lifevision India

 Established in 2010, the company is the leading pharma Company due to the comprehensive spectrum of healthcare medicines and services it offers. What makes us so reliable among our customers is our vision of achieving a healthy future for all citizens of India. We don’t work to achieve profit in terms of money, but for the satisfaction of our customers.

The wide range of Pharma Products that we manufacture range from Ointments to Syrups, Tablets, and capsules to Dusting powder, from Nasal spray and drops to sachet and syrups, from soft gelatin to Tablet Capsule foods and drugs.

We have employed the most intelligent and hardworking employees for the research and development of the drugs and medicines that we manufacture at our company to make sure we only provide top-quality products to our clients without any safety breaches. Our medicines and drugs are stored in the safest and most hygienic environment to make sure the products don’t get contaminated in bad storage conditions.

Benefits of Choosing Lifevision India as the Top Third Party Manufacturer in Aurangabad

We offer our valued clients total support so they may keep their place in the pharmaceutical industry and maintain their reputation as the best and most reliable. Through our planned collaborative endeavors, we are revitalizing our image! You can take advantage of our experience by shifting your manufacturing to us now that we have established a solid reputation as a reliable third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Aurangabad. We will share several advantages with our partners, including:

  • Timely Delivery: The pharmaceutical companies in our network will appreciate that we deliver the medicines they have asked for on schedule and without wasting their time. Due to the commitment of our strategic partners to their work and the prompt delivery of goods to customers, all of this is possible.
  • Stock Management: The second most important benefit we provide to our employees is that they will never have to deal with a supply shortage because we have a sizable, very large distribution center that is always open to serve the needs of our clients. The proportion now meets the guarantee.
  • The third fundamental benefit we provide to our workers is that our products are packaged with areas of strength for attaching pressure materials. We make sure there is no quality issue because of the poor quality of packaging.


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Seven bros pharma

SevenBros is a well-known and reputable brand in the cosmetic, herbal, and pharmaceutical industries. Since its establishment in the year 2020, they have expanded into numerous markets, including those for personal care goods, cosmetics, herbal remedies, and other pharmaceutical formulations. Its mission is to offer its customers the highest quality, most effective goods possible, free of harmful chemicals and negative effects.

RV Lifesciences Ltd.

RVLL has a double work role as a strategic contract manufacturer as well as the manufacturing center for the RV group, with a particular emphasis on soon-to-be generic items. Both the several arms work in concert to benefit the customers. Being a contract manufacturer for multinational corporations guarantees that their quality procedures are always being checked. They create their products to produce inexpensive medication available for everyone.

Shree Loknath

Shree Loknath is a growing Ayurvedic Pharma Developing and Manufacturing Company situated in Coimbatore. They fulfill the contract manufacturing & loan license manufacturing needs of their clients. They offer Contract Manufacturing for products like Syrup, capsules & Liniment forms


Ever since its inception in 1968, Lupin has grown manifolds in the Pharma sector all over the world. They have developed a wide range of products, both in branded and generic forms through deep research and development. The range of products they cover includes-

  • Key Therapeutic Areas
  • Generic
  • Biosimilars
  • Specialty Drugs
  • Over the Counter

Savera Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Established in the year 1998, Savera Pharmaceuticals is in contract manufacturing of Liquid orals and powder formulations. They believe in providing quality service and innovation.


These are some of the top Pharma Companies in Aurangabad. Be sure to choose one of these for your Pharma product needs. You can visit their websites to get more information about the company’s Pharma products and functioning.