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Top 10 Sunscreen Manufacturing Companies In India

Top 10 Sunscreen Manufacturing Companies In India -- Because of the ongoing change in consumer tastes, marketers and retailers in the beauty and sunscreen industries struggle to stay relevant. A fascinating finding is just starting to affect the products sold at all sunscreen retailers. According to recent Cosmetics study, sunscreen products are climbing the ranks of the top 10 beauty products in terms of annual sales. As a consequence, investors are searching for the Top 10 sunscreen Manufacturing companies in India.

The appeal of sunscreen products is also rising in the professional market. Additionally, it is anticipated that the developing e-commerce sector would speed up market growth. The development of new goods and technologies has increased the demand for sunscreen products.

List Of Top Sunscreen Products Manufacturers In India

Sunscreen product Companies are aware of the opportunity that companies offer. To meet the growing demand of their clients, they have started spending in the creation of distinctive and alluring sunscreen products. Skin care products from all Sunscreen Products brands are offered in specialized beauty shops. To help you make an informed choice, we have given information on some of the top sunscreen product manufacturers in India.

Lifevision India

Lifevision India is one of the best Sunscreen Manufacturer in India. We have our in-house Research and Development facility that enables us to ensure that all our products are manufactured according to the GMP and WHO guidelines. We have hired the best employees to provide the best Pharma products at the most affordable price. We provide our products all around the country and help pharma companies in extending their business.

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Phone: +917888875227. 

Zoic Cosmetics

Zoic Cosmetics is the leading sunscreen lotion producer and provider. The most recent technology is available to them, allowing them to make vast quantities of sunscreen products with unwavering quality. This medicinal manufacturer offers a range of private-label and all-natural skincare products. They are in charge of developing and promoting a high-end sunblock product.

Aura Herbal Pvt Ltd

AURA HERBAL Pvt. Ltd. will produce your distinctive product line in accordance with your specific needs, starting with research and development, formulation, product and package selection, graphic design, testing, and production. Their knowledgeable and accommodating brand consultants will guide you through every stage, ensuring the best results and catapulting your brand to success. 

Vert Laboratories

Vert Laboratories is an urban and creative company that produces premium natural organic goods of the highest quality using ingredients that are sustainably obtained, expertly manufactured, and priced competitively. They offer full end-to-end manufacturing services, from packaging to finished goods that are ready for sale. These items are conceived and produced in-house, and they also offer marketing and design services. 

Sadatan Ayurveda

Sadatan Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. manufactures a wide range of products under both its own brand name and (the buyer's branding). They have agreements with trustworthy vendors all over India, so their clients can take advantage of both high-quality products and lower manufacturing costs. Their highly skilled and motivated crew is always looking for challenging Research & Development tasks. At a reasonable cost and with the assurance of complete secrecy, you can employ us to handle this for you.

Huk Natural Pvt Ltd

Huk Natural Pvt Ltd. is one of India's leading producers of sunscreen goods. Additionally, they offer you a wide range of skin care products, such as bath and body care items and hair care products. The company produces and exports a premium range of cosmetics and beauty items under the name Huk Natural. Their goal is to provide consumers with the best organic products possible.  

Vive Cosmetics

An efficient selection of cosmetic products is made by the well-known sunscreen manufacturer Vive Cosmetics in India. They put a lot of effort into providing customers with high-quality goods that surpass their standards. They cultivate and motivate their staff, gradually expand their businesses, look for creative ways to stand out from the competition, and conduct themselves in an honest and transparent manner. 

Zymo Cosmetics 

Zymo Cosmetics is the leading SPF 50 sunblock gel manufacturer in India. Additional cosmetic product lines from Zymo Cosmetics include anti-aging, anti-acne, skin moisturizers, skin serum, skin oils, lip care, skin & facial mask, and other lines. The company has its headquarters at Zymo Cosmetics and collaborates with outside manufacturing facilities to produce a range of cosmetic goods. 

Action Life Sciences

Acticon Life Sciences is one of the top cosmetics producers in India for the sunscreen product range. Furthermore, the FDA has approved their product range. Acticon Life Sciences also provides a wide range of other goods, including the best sunscreen, face wash, scrub, serum, anti-aging cream, moisturizing cream, and night cream. 

Amaira Herbals

Amaira Herbals is the leading ayurveda herbal sunscreen manufacturer in India. When distributing the extremely high-quality herbal remedies that help to improve general health, they take care to keep adequate sanitation. They want to offer quality, so we are the leading suppliers of herbal sunscreen as a result.

They are committed to offering the best herbal products and controlling the production of medications to raise the calibre of these or other cosmetic products. 


If you want to sell a broad range of sunscreen products in large quantities with your name on them, a sunscreen manufacturer is a good option. When you choose the materials from their selection along with the sunscreen products and colors you want to use, the provider will create, fill, and label your uniquely looking product. Benefits of using goods include low minimums, rapid production introductions, and no product creation costs.