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WHO GMP Certified Third Party Manufacturer

WHO GMP Certified Third Party Manufacturer – The concept of third-party manufacturing isn’t fresh anymore. This business marketing strategy has gained immense popularity and recognition in the global healthcare segment. If you're looking forward to venturing into the Indian pharmaceutical domain, joining a WHO & GMP certified third party manufacturing company is a must. At Lifevision India, we extend professional pharma manufacturing and marketing facilities for clients who seek career opportunities in the country. Call Now: +917888875227.

Lifevision India is a responsible organization working in the verticals of medical, pharmaceuticals and other healthcare prospects. Inaugurated in 2010, the company reveals superior health solutions and business surfaces to support the gargantuan healthcare industry of India. Meanwhile, Lifevision India also furnishes renowned third-party pharma manufacturing services for enthusiasts who wish to create a fortune in the zone. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified agency that endeavors to manufacture, produce, supply and distribute a versatile range of pharma developments under various assortments.

The Pharmaceutical Industry: A Proficient Domain to Seek Impeccable Business Opportunities

It is no longer a surprising fact that the healthcare sector in India has emerged as one of the top industries in terms of business and career execution. During the recent era, we have observed critical health concerns and pandemics like COVID-19 have worsened the scenario more drastically. Ultimately, discoveries for efficient pharmaceutical medicines and drugs have caught the swiftness to cater to deadly health disputes. All these scenarios lead to the hike in demand for drugs and medicines across worldwide communities. Take a glimpse of the Indian pharma industry to consolidate your decision:

  • Currently, India appears among the top largest pharmaceutical industries in the world.
  • It is the biggest provider of generic medicines globally.
  • In terms of pharma production, India stands 3rd by volume and 14th by value across the globe.
  • Further, India endeavors to overcome almost half of the total demand for various vaccines in the world.
  • India’s domestic pharma market is poised to cross US$130 bn by 2030.
  • Similarly, the medical devices market in India is likely to grow at a CAGR of 37 percent during 2020-2025 to gain the US$50 bn mark.
  • Moreover, there is a massive demand for effective and quality-based healthcare products in India and the demand curve is expected to rise in the future.

The aforementioned facts & stats seem enough to give you a precise idea about the business potential of the Indian healthcare circuit. Investors are supposed to capture unparalleled growth and success alongside brand recognition.

Looking for the Best and WHO GMP Certified Third-Party Manufacturer in India? Welcome to Lifevision India!

The module of pharma third-party manufacturing has become the success mantra for several organizations. At Lifevision India, we are serving clients with professional manufacturing services to help them establish a brand in the pharma world. Since our evolution in 2010, we continue to carve demanding skillsets, knowledge and dexterity to succeed in the medical cultures. Hence, Lifevision India is a commitment to accomplishing excellence, dedication and professionalism to host better health prospects for communities across the globe.

Various Pharma Products Falling under the Third Party Manufacturing:

Lifevision India is simply spectacular when it comes to exploring a diverse range of pharmaceuticals and other healthcare formulations. We manufacture products under the vigilant supervision and guidance of healthcare specialists and medical scientists. Also, we ensure to abide by DCGI and WHO norms to bring safety and credibility. The product foil contains the following developments:

  • Cosmetics
  • Nasal Spray
  • Drops
  • Ointment
  • Sachet
  • Soft Gelatin
  • Pediatric Range
  • Syrup
  • Tablets
  • Dusting Powder

Therefore, our business associates will have a one-stop solution for a broader network of pharmaceuticals. We commit to assisting them with superior quality, hygiene, and efficiency across all offerings. Our products are clinically verified and approved by several healthcare bodies such as WHO, GMP, ISO and DCGI etc.

Why Choose Lifevision India?

As a business startup, you need to collaborate with an ISO-certified and WHO-GMP-authorized organization to observe stunning growth and promotion. With Lifevision India, our clients will have nothing to worry about since we are capable of providing them with the following key provisions and amenities:

  • Extensive experience
  • A larger pool of pharmaceutical products
  • DCGI-approved and WHO-GMP-certified formulations
  • Quality assurance
  • A team of brilliant professionals and industry experts
  • Independent laboratories and R&D facilities
  • High-quality ingredients & molecules
  • Ultra-advanced manufacturing units and machinery
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • Excellent support in marketing and promotional efforts
  • Lucrative pricing
  • Timely delivery of orders
  • Superior packaging

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