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Looking for a perfect solution to get your skin nourished with essential ingredients? Lifevision India’s Aloe Extract Vitamin E Face Wash is the choice for you! It embraces the goodness of multiple natural constituents to help your skin keep glowing and looking lovely. The face wash comprises antioxidant properties that offer gentle cleansing action.
Further, the aloe vera face wash hydrates your skin, avoids inflammation and removes dryness to revive the dry and dull complexion. It improves the overall texture and appearance after every wash. The goodness of aloe vera rejuvenates the skin with soft and gentle profiles to hydrate it beautifully.
The combination of aloe vera and vitamin E moisturizes the skin and creates a layer of protection on the skin. Additionally, salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliant (Beta Hydroxy Acid). It penetrates deeply into the skin and fights dead skin cells to decongest pores and clear skin. Moreover, salicylic acid owns anti-inflammatory properties and works effectively to reduce skin redness and irritation.

Aloe Extract Salicylic Acid Vitamin E Face Wash – Key Ingredients

The following are various substances and solution agents available in the face wash –
  • Aloe VeraIt brings incredible nourishment to skin and hair. Aloe vera soothes the skin to make it hydrated and vibrant. Aloe vera is an antioxidant agent that relieves skin irritation and cures burns and cuts.
  • Vitamin EWell-packed with antioxidant features, vitamin E nourishes the skin tone with essential ingredients to make the skin soft and supple. It moisturizes the skin, reduces inflammation and imparts glow and health.
  • Salicylic Acid Derived from the bark of willow trees, salicylic acid also brings magical care and health solutions for the skin. If you own oily skin and want to get rid of the excess sebum, you can rely on salicylic acid-based face wash. Also, the calming properties of the ingredient remove skin inflammation, irritation and breakouts.

Top Benefits of Using Aloe Vera Salicylic Acid Vitamin E Face Wash

Here’re some of the best advantages you can reap from the face wash –
Nourishes skin
With a proficient blend of effective agents, the face wash provides overall nourishment to the skin with gentle care. It combines the goodness of aloe vera, salicylic acid and vitamin E to prevent unwanted properties and make the skin healthy and supple.
Avoids inflammation
The anti-inflammatory superstar salicylic acid helps treat breakouts alongside delivering proper hydration. Hence, the face wash is a perfect package to reduce excess oil and avoid acne as well.
Prevents acne
When your skin absorbs sebum (oil) in excess, it results in acne and other protruding elements. Lifevision India’s face wash combines highly-effective tools, including salicylic acid that is perfectly helpful in removing acne and other skin issues. It generates a layer of protection on the skin to lessen the effect of environmental pollutants.
Soothes irritated skin
With the goodness of aloe vera, the Face Wash aids in irritation and itching. You may cause redness or rashes due to some factors that can further lead to inflammation and dry skin. Applying an optimum amount of Face Wash on the face produces desired results.
Healthy scalp
Vitamin E available in the face wash brings excellent properties for the scalp as well. The antibacterial and cooling agents of aloe vera keep the scalp healthy to ensure overall perfection for your skin.