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CETO STEARYL,ALOE VERA JUICE,SHEA BUTTER MOISTURING CERAM - Struggling with dry skin? Moisturizing cream could be your true companion in your skincare regimen. Lifevision India brings effective skincare solutions and Ceto Stearyl Aloe Vera Juice Shea Butter Moisturizing Cream is one of them. It is formulated with natural ingredients to give your skin perfect care against cruel environmental pollutants. It comprises a unique combination of multiple natural ingredients such as aloe vera, coco oil, shea butter, ceto stearyl, olive oil and some others.

Further, the moisturizing cream helps condition and nourish your skin texture and keeps it glowing and vibrant. The formulation comes to support you against dry & chapped skin to make it soft and smooth. The biggest appreciation of Lifevision India’s moisturizing cream is that it provides deeper moisturization to the skin and restores elasticity. Hence, the cream maintains long-lasting hydration and helps keep the skin smooth, soft and supple.

Ceto Stearyl Aloe Vera Shea Butter Moisturizing Cream – Ingredients

The ceto stearyl aloe vera shea butter moisturizing cream is an effective amalgamation of useful and harm-free constituents. Following are the details:

Ceto Stearyl

Ceto stearyl is a white waxy ingredient usually found in cosmetic and beauty products. Unlike many other alcohols, this substance doesn’t impact your skin adversely but helps you keep your skin moisturized and nourished. Further, ceto stearyl is extracted from palm oil and coconut oil.

Shea Butter

Derived from shea tree nuts, shea butter is a great source of Vitamin A, E and F. the substance brings exceptional skincare properties to nourish your skin gently and smoothly. Moreover, shea butter also contains valuable ingredients like antioxidants to enable your skin to resist pollutants.

Coco Butter

Coco butter works well to replenish your skin moisture and make it healthy and glowing. With anti-inflammatory properties, coco butter is all set to avoid inflammation and maintain elasticity and tone. Moreover, coco butter nurtures your skin by getting absorbed deeply but without leaving it greasy.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another crucial element of the moisturizing cream. It is included to nourish your skin with the natural goodness of aloe vera in the most calmed approach. Aloe vera eases skin irritation and soothes it to feel supple and soft.

Benefits of Using Ceto Stearyl Aloe Vera Shea Butter Moisturizing Cream

There’re lots of advantages of applying Lifevision India’s moisturizing cream:

Avoids Dryness

The moisturizing cream is thoughtful to fight dryness and keep your surface hydrated for a long time. Certain environmental factors suck the moisture out of your skin; the moisturizer retains the optimum level of moisture to make it look lovely.

Fights Acne

Acne is always problematic and it continues to thrive if you lack attention. Using a shea butter moisturizing cream, you can prevent acne formation effectively. The cream minimizes the oil production and prevents the pores from being clogged.

Keeps Skin Younger

Of course, the aloe vera cream keeps your skin looking younger for longer. It replenishes the tone with effective ingredients and removes fine lines. It nourishes and repairs sensitive skin to help it stay healthy.

Slows Aging Signs

Ceto stearyl moisturizing cream comes effective when it comes to slowing down the aging effect. By giving an optimum dose of hydration to the skin, the cream prevents future fine lines and wrinkles. If you want younger-looking skin, the moisturizing cream is the solution for you.


The moisturizing cream penetrates deeper into the skin and assists in protecting the cell membrane. Hence, it creates a barrier over the membrane and keeps the moisture intact. Ultimately, the product is highly effective to make your skin supple, soft, vibrant and healthy.