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EACH 5 ML CONTAINS:-LECITHIN….125MG, SILYMARIN 70%….35MG - Silymarin + Lecithin is a combination of two medicines: Silymarin and Lecithin. Silymarin is a cancer prevention agent that protects the liver from unsafe compounds (free radicals). It also fills in as an important source of time.

About Lecithin12 5mg + Silymarin 35 mg

Silymarin is often taken by mouth for liver problems, including liver damage caused by synthetic compounds, alcohol, and chemotherapy, such as the Amanita mushroom, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and ongoing inflammation. Liver infections, cirrhosis of the liver, and persistent hepatitis. 
Lecithin is a combination of fats that are important for cells in the human body. It is found in many food sources, including soybeans and egg yolks. In the diet, lecithin is the primary source of choline, a supplement like the B nutrients. Lecithin is converted to acetylcholine, a substance that sends nerve impulses. People use lecithin for Alzheimer's disease and dementia, Parkinson's disease, and many other conditions, although there is nothing but bad logical evidence to support these employments.

Uses of Lecithin12 5mg + Silymarin 35 mg

  • Silymarin extracts 210–600 mg daily lowers glucose in individuals with diabetes. Applying milk thorn with turmeric tree is also said to lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.
  • There is interest in the inclusion of lecithin for a variety of purposes, although there is not enough reliable data to say whether it can be very useful.

Side Effects of  Lecithin12 5mg + Silymarin 35 mg

When taken by mouth: Silymarin isolate is likely safe for many people when taken by mouth. In some individuals, taking silymarin may cause intestinal looseness, restlessness, gastrointestinal gas, fullness, loss of craving, and possible brain pain.
When applied to the skin: Silymarin explodes when applied directly to the skin for a short period of time.
When taken by mouth: Lecithin is usually taken in food varieties. It may be safe when taken as an increase in dosage to 30s, restlessness, abdominal pain, or totality. grams daily for about a month and a half. This can cause some secondary effects including loose bowel
When applied to the skin: Lecithin is logically safe for most adults.

Special Precautions and Warnings

Pregnancy and breast care: There isn't enough reliable data to know whether silymarin is safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep erring on the side of caution and stay away from experimentation.
Youngsters: In children 1 year to 9 months and older, silymarin is POSSIBLY SAFE when taken by mouth.
Allergy to ragweed and related plants: Silymarin may cause adverse hypersensitivity reactions in individuals who are vulnerable to the Asteraceae/Compositae plant family. 
Pregnancy and breast-feeding-carrying pregnancies and chestnuts are generally edible inedible varieties. There isn't enough solid data to know whether lecithin is safe to use as a medicine in larger amounts when pregnant or for breast care. 
Egg or soy sensitivity: Lecithin may cause an adverse hypersensitivity reaction in individuals with egg or soy hypersensitivity.