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Paracetamol jelly base strawberry, watermelon - Paracetamol is a typical antipyretic and pain-relieving drug used in youth disease by parents and doctors around the world. Paracetamol has an unpleasant taste which is considered a significant barrier to drug organization. The aim of this study is to promote an oral dosage formulation that is satisfactory and simple to swallow by pediatric patients as well as to defeat the weaknesses of fluid description. Paracetamol was imprinted in Jelly Base.

Paracetamol Jelly Base, Paracetamol Moment Jam was easily reconstituted in 20 mL of water within 2 min to form a jam with sufficient stability and surface. Jam should be swallowed within 30 minutes after reconstitution to avoid a pungent taste. Complete consent assessments on 12 human subjects showed comparable acceptability and surface area to a commercial paracetamol suspension and were observed to be surprisingly better at overcoming the delayed taste effect of paracetamol.

Paracetamol 125 mg/5ml jelly base strawberry, watermelon flavor helps in providing effective fever and pain relief for infants and toddlers.

Paracetamol 120mg/5ml  jelly base strawberry, watermelon flavor is a uniquely formed suspension for infants and youngsters from 2 months.

Without sugar and strawberry enhanced.

It tends to be utilized to calm torment including:

  • Cerebral pain
  • Toothache
  • Ear infection
  • Getting teeth
  • Sore Throat
  • Colds
  • Flu
  • Hurts and Pains

It can likewise be accustomed to cutting down fever (high-temperature) including fever brought about by inoculation.


For oral use.

Shake the jug for at least 10 seconds each time before use. Try not to overload the spoon. Use the prepared spoon to measure portions twice in a row.

A teaspoon is estimated to be 5ml and a small spoon measures 2.5ml.

Great tasting Paracetamol for Children

As parents or caregivers, we don't want to see our young people in pain. On occasions when we go after treatment, for example, paracetamol helps them to relieve discomfort and provide comfort for us. This is additionally when taste plays an important role. Because the last thing we need is for our little ones to reject their medicine and so you can count on the incredible tasting Paracetamol jelly base strawberry, watermelon. It has been covered by Australian families for the north of 30 years. Paracetamol jelly base strawberry, watermelon starts to relieve pain and fever in babies and toddlers in just 30 minutes and lasts for 4-6 hours.


  • Try not to use it in babies under several months old.
  • Children: keep to the recommended dose.
  • Try not to give this medicine for more than 48 hours at a time, except if advised by a specialist.
  • Try not to give it with various items containing paracetamol, except when encouraged to do so by a specialist or pharmaceutical specialist.
  • Try not to use assuming that the cap seal is broken or missing. Fix the cap after use for safe removal of the child.

Helpful tips for giving children and babies medicines

  • Consistently using an accurate estimating device such as an oral needle spoon is not accurate and can have varying amounts.
  • Read the dosage and estimate from the pack consistently each time, especially when giving medicine to children. Some prescriptions for paracetamol appear to be comparable but may have different properties and thus require unique measurement amounts.
  • Whenever the situation permits, use a measurement that compares to your child's current weight. If you are not aware of their weight, the age-related portion can be used.
  • Try not to push the medicine down the back of the throat, as this could suffocate your child. All things being equal, gently swish the medicine between your child's tongue and cheek, giving them a chance to swallow between each stroke.
  • Adding prescriptions or taking care of molasses in a child's prescription is not recommended because the child does not take the full share of the gamble. Assuming that you must put the medicine in the drink, make sure the child drinks everything.